"Ultimates" skills per hero


The "ultimate" skills need to be implemented per hero.
The "ultimate" skill can only be upgraded at levels 6, 10 and 15
Freeman: Save & Reload
When killed Freeman will respawn with no punishment, no delay and without rewarding the killer.   Cooldown: 160 sec?  cooldown decreases per skill level.
Alyx: Dog
She can summon her powerful ally, and pet, Dog.   Cooldown: several minutes?
Eli: Rally
Summon a squad of rebels around him.  use the rebels from single player, they will join his quad and he can command them.  He gets credit for their kills. 
Level 1: 2 rebels
Level 2: 2 rebels, 1 medic
Level 3: 2 rebels, 1 medic, 1 ammo guy
Barney: Infiltrate
Briefly appears friendly to the combine soldiers.  Lasts 10/15/20 seconds  cooldown 160 sec.
Monk: Summon
Summon his "congragation" of zombies.  Gets credit for their kills.
Level 1: 5 zombies
Level 2: 2 poison zombies
Level 3: 2 fast zombies
Mossman: Turncoat
Same as Barney
Breen: Public Announcement
Breen can us the PA system to dramatically increase the health and armor of the combine soldiers for a time. use - env_speaker
Elite Soldier:
Metropolice: manhack
Gman: Teleport
use - point_teleport