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Second Play Test

Sep 5, 2008 at 3:17 PM
I'm probably biased again but I think the second play test went quite well.  The ultimates were fun and towers at the end were a much better end-game.  In the post-game disscussion here are the areas we identified that we will address for next time.
  •  Each game takes to long.
    • Will get XP for being near the kill, or near the thing that did the killing.
    • Will get double XP from what you get now.
  • There is still no penalty for dieing, money is not used yet.
    • I will disable the menu option for the third skill in the skill menu, and take those weapons/ammo (rpg, frag, slam,energyball,smg-grenade) and make them available to purchase in your base.
    • You get money for killing a creep, and get it slowly over time.
    • Saving up to get those powerful weapons will make staying alive much more important.

What other thoughts?