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First Play-test was a success!

Aug 22, 2008 at 2:22 PM
We played DotA: Source for over 2 hours last night, and it went very, very well.  We did find a few bugs, but nothing major and they were easy to work around.  The goal for me was to identify any major bugs and better understand gameplay to improve it.  I think the evening more than accomplished those goals. 
Probably the most important outcome is that Aaron figured out that HL2:DM is the game steam requires you to own to play the mod, and that Nvidia or ATI owners can take advantage of a promotion to download that for free.  No one has played the mod yet without also installing the singleplayer, but I'm anxious to try that.
I was hoping for gameplay where the heros would rarely die, kinda like real dota.  We havn't accomplished that yet.  Also the "end game" needs fixed because even when one team is losing it's relatively easy to defend your base almost indefinatly.  We've talked about some adjustments that will be ready for the next play-test, hopfully next week.
Aug 22, 2008 at 4:20 PM
It is very fun to play. It seemed like a couple of the weapons that were able to do lots (unlimited?) damage felt over powered  in the late game (energy ball, gravity gun at very close range), especially compared to the hand to hand weapons (crowbar, stunstick) which did a set amount of damage and couldn't really kill any heroes late game, but this will likely not be the case anymore when the right health and health regen amounts are figured out. The health and regen shouldn't be soo high that the energy ball or 4 rockets is the only way to kill someone late game, but after 50 min of playing you should start to feel pretty tough compared to the creeps at least.

What is the general time length you want a game to last? I have been saying late game meaning like after 50 min of playing and the game is almost over. In war3 an -em game is usually about 45 min to 1 hour, with a very long and close game going to 1:30; is that about right?
Aug 22, 2008 at 4:28 PM

I'd like to see if the ball and gravity gun still feel overpowered when heros have less heath and are more cautious.  I could get away from the ball if I new it was coming, and with the gravity gun you have to get right up close and take a bunch of hits.  The stun stick is supposed to make you drop your weapon when hit.  that would be interesting but maybe to powerful.  The crowbar is nice because there are no ammo issues, but it it needs to have other advantages to make it worth it.

I was imaging the game length to roughly match dota.  The games we played last night should have been over much faster but the end-game issues prevented that.