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Project Description
By moving the AI logic from Half-life 2 single player into a multiplayer mod, we have brought some of the concepts of DotA into a FPS experience.

Welcome to Nova Prospekt

If you haven’t played Half-life 2 then you’re just silly, but you also wouldn’t know that Nova Prospect is a prison near City 17, and an important stronghold for the combine. The prison has become a battlefield for a first-person shooter version of DotA. Players pick a hero from either combine or rebels. The game starts when everyone types “ready” into the chat window. Each team starts in their own base and the “creeps” (in this case combine and rebel soldiers) start making their way down the three paths. The object is to push the front lines of the battle into the other team’s base and close the gates to keep them out of the prison. (Yes, you’re trying to keep each other out of prison)
  • Heroes - Pick one of 10 heroes, each with unique skills.
  • Experience - Kill stuff to level up and upgrade your skills or stats.
  • Money - Kill something and it’ll drop a little grey egg-carton thing. (Best model I could find quickly) pick it up! It’s money! Save up and buy better weapons or increased ammo capacity
  • “Creeps” - these are the grunt soldiers you kill by the hundreds. They exhibit smart squad based behavior from the single player including flanking, cover-fire, throwing grenades and stuff. A new group spawns for each team in each lane every 45 seconds.
  • Guardians: (think ‘tower’ from DotA) each team has an antlion guardian defending each of their 3 gates. They are deadly killers and need to be eliminated to push your way on to the enemy gates. They also summon lots of little antlions.
  • Gates - the object of the game. If you hit them 30 times with your stun-stick/crowbar they will close and enemy creeps will stop spawning in that lane. Close all three and you win! Note: You have to hit the gate doors themselves, not the metal walls next to them.
  • The Base – The area outside the prison is where your team starts. There are health and armor recharge units, an ammo box and defensive turrets there. If you are in the area near the ammo box you can open the buy menu, and spend your money. The turrets are deadly and will kill anyone who tries to go too far into the other team’s base.
  • Ammo Boxes – These are spread out on the map. Use them to get bullets for the weapons you bought. You can also open the buy menu while you have an ammo box open.

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